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Debbie Elser


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Bob Engel


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Dayle Hodge


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Chris Jopek with Steve Davis


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Dan Koft


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Kathy Koft


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Art LaVigne


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Ted Lizotte

Caller for:

Square Dance

Ted is a New Hampshire based caller who has been calling square dances for over 30 years. He calls both beginner dances as well as advanced and challenge dances. A member of CALLERLAB, Ted teaches Basic through C1. He is also the owner/producer of Throw Back Tunes, a square dance music label.

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Doren McBroom


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Jimmy Roberson

Caller for:

Square Dance

Jimmy and Janie live in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. On August 4, 2018 they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. They have one child, Melissa who is married and lives in Raleigh with their two grandchildren (Aiden & Bella).

They started Square Dancing in 1974 and one year later Jimmy started calling. Since then they have taught an average of four beginner classes each year. He has called in forty-two states, and in April of 2000 he made his calling debut in New Zealand.

In 1986, Jimmy started calling full time and taught a beginner class in A1 & A2. He now calls Plus and Advance on Weekends and Festivals. He has been conducting caller clinic since 1991. Jimmy owns and records on Platinum Records .

Jimmy was President of the North Carolina Callers’ Association for six years and President of the North Carolina Square and Round Dance Federation for two years. He was Vice Chairman for the North Carolina State Convention for ten years and General Chairman of the North Carolina State Convention for nine years.

He is an accredited member of Callerlab and Callerlab's QUARTER CENTURY CLUB. He also is a member of the South Carolina Callers’ Association.

Profile photo of Gary Shoemake.

Gary Shoemake

Caller for:

Square Dance

Gary Shoemake was born in Oklahoma, spent many years in Texas and now makes his home in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. In 1987 Gary became Director and part owner of English Mountain Retreat, in Sevierville, Tennessee, where he makes his home.

In 2000, Gary and his partners sold the retreat and he is now traveling full time as a Caller and Caller Coach. Gary's Calling dates and seminars take him nationwide.

After recording for Chaparral Records and being associated with his recording partners Ken Bower, Jerry Haag, Marshall Flippo and Scott Smith for the past twenty years, Gary is now recording with Rhythm Records (Along with Ken, Jerry and Marshall). Gary has also recorded for Crown Records, Eagle Records, Kalox, Wagon Wheel Records and ESP Records.

Gary started Dancing and Calling in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1964. He made it his full time vocation in 1968. Gary's travels have taken him to all fifty states as well as Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark and Central America.

Square Dancing has provided so very much to Gary's life, however, he is proud of the friends and associates he's made through the years. His only hope is the ability to give back to this wonderful activity a small portion of the happiness it has provided him and his family.

Profile photo of Amy Shotting with Ken Shotting.

Amy Shotting with Ken Shotting